Ecopia Retreat was unaffected by the bushfires on Kangaroo Island. Click here for more information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Travellers often have the same concerns and you can find answers to commonly-asked questions below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ, please contact us.

  • What is the update with the bushfire on Kangaroo Island?

    As a result of the Kangaroo Island bushfires that started on 3 January 2020, approximately 48% of the Island’s mass was affected. It is, however, a very big Island (Australia’s third-largest!), much of the land is still open, accessible and very much intact. For current information about the bushfires, please click here.

    Here is a specific Kangaroo Island FAQ sheet from our local tourism association.

  • Has Ecopia Retreat been affected by the bushfires?

    Ecopia Retreat has been unaffected by the bushfire on Kangaroo Island. Our Villas and the Residence are all still standing, and our wildlife sanctuary and natural wilderness are very much intact. We have been very fortunate to have had fire in our area, but not directly impacting on the Retreat.

  • What is included in the booking?

    • Secluded luxury accommodation
    • Eco off-grid living – rainwater and solar
    • A welcome bottle of local KI bubbly and nibbles
    • Luxury soft linen and towels, including beach towels
    • Wood and kindling for the wood fireplace
    • Freshly ground coffee, tea, sugar and milk
    • Salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
    • Luxury natural soap bars, liquid soap, shampoo and bath salts
    • TV, hard drive full of entertainment options, music player
    • Complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi
    • Front row view of the abundance of wildlife
    • Binoculars for spotting that wildlife activity that’s not quite at your doorstep
    • Torches for nighttime exploration
  • What time is check-in/check-out?

    Check-in time is 2:30pm and check-out time is 10:00 am. Where possible, flexibility with early check-in and late check-out will be provided.

  • What is the smoking policy?

    We have a no smoking policy in all Retreats. To smoke, please step outside onto the deck. Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.

  • Is the road to Ecopia Retreat accessible all year round?

    Yes. We have a small water crossing around our lagoon that gets a bit more flow in winter, but all vehicles can safely cross it at all times. Please slow down as indicated on our signs and you will have no trouble getting through, e=even with a 2WD.